Tom 11 Nr 1 (2016)

Problem przedmiotu poznania w filozofii Heinricha Rickerta

Marcin Furman

Strony: 109 - 125



In the perspective of axiology, the problem of the object of knowledge is referring to a distinction — coming from Immanuel Kant and developed by Hermann Lotze — between the beeing Sein and the obligation Sollen. Similary, according to Heinrich Rickert in relation to reality, a distinction between a sphere of beeing and a sphere of validity must be done. What is concerned as obligatory is in the same time concerned as real — equally as its existence. However along with including reality as part of being in force a question appears: is it possible for a system of validity to become an ontology? The aim of the article is to present a problem associated with this question. Namely the object is set up in the knowledge, but cannot be cognized in it. For that reason, the object of the cognition won’t be ever immediately resolved in the field of the theory of cognition.