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Tom 11 Nr 4 (2016)

Erazm z Rotterdamu. Portret antydogmatyka

  • Michał Węcławski
13 lutego 2017


Erasmus of Rotterdam. A portrait of an antidogmatist

The paper is a brief presentation of Erasmus of Rotterdam’s philosophical and theological thought, as it appears from his writings. It draws a wide and synthesized, yet fairly detailed image of a distinguished scholar and humanist, whose chief concern was to bring European culture and therefore European man back to their sources: classical wisdom and Christian revelation; a scholar whose exceptional erudition and sense for reform went together with an unusual moderation and a passion for consent. Involving issues such as a critique of scholasticism and exaggerated speculation, a program of philosophia Christi, skepticism, pacifism, views on man and virtue, a praise of folly, all of Erasmus’ major ideas, the article aims at indicating this sheerly antidogmatic outlook and orientation.