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Supplementary Volume, English Edition 2014

The Character of Cognition in Henri Bergson's Theory

  • Elżbieta Walerich
26 lutego 2015


In the paper, I try to establish in a systematic manner the character of human cognition in Henri Bergson's theory. In the rst part of the article, I examine if in this conception one is able to come into contact with the extended world. In this context, I analyze the function of image as well as the original character of human consciousness based on the category of duration. It is discussed whether the specicity of human memory and body make objective cognition of the external world impossible. Images composing the material reality turn out to overcome mental perceptual capacities. On the other hand, sensations coming from the extended world constitute a small part of the whole process in comparison to what memory adds to perception. I argue, however, that Bergson's idealistic theory of cognition goes beyond Kantian scheme of intuition because it relates directly to material reality.