• The Psychoanalytical Interpretations of the Myth

The Psychoanalytical Interpretations of the Myth

Ilona Błocian
Google Scholar Ilona Błocian


Psychoanalysis founded some kind of unique perspective in myth research; there is a lot of contemporary classications that contain it as meaningful and specic frame of references. Its main assumption is the close relation between myth and unconsciousness; myth is its language. These statements are limitations and advantages of psychoanalytical perspective in the same time: 1. they are called naturalism", reductionism", reductive hermeneutic", oedipal-ism" the understanding of myth is reduced to the unconscious processes and to the scenario of Oedipal triangle; 2. psychoanalysis shows the relation between myth and us, the depth of human experiences patterns; myth becomes a true language of human mind. That patterns of experiences and its language were not characteristic of some archaic stages of human mind development but they are always present and form a source of our creativity.

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