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Tom 25 (2021)

Lecznicze zabiegi magiczne mieszkańców Wierszyny na Syberii (obwód irkucki)

21 grudnia 2022


The article is devoted to folk medical procedures presented using the example of the village of Vershina in the Irkutsk region. The Vershinians are descendants of Polish immigrants from Lesser Poland (Małopolska) to Siberia during the Stolypin land reform. Despite many difficulties and various twists of history, the Vershinians managed to preserve the Polish language (Lesser Polish dialect) and the culture of their ancestors. However, over time, their traditions have changed due to historical circumstances and the influence of other cultures living in that region. The medical procedures transmitted among the inhabitants of Vershina have been preserved to this day. The belief of the rural population in the reliable power of such rituals encouraged them to perform these practices with special care and attach particular importance to the spoken word and action. These magical treatments emphasize that human life and health have been regarded as valuable in the community.