Vol. 58 (2020)

Published: 18-11-2020

Volume 58 of Anglica Wratislaviensia, edited by Ewa Kębłowska-Ławniczak, is a collection of interdisciplinary articles in the area of cultural studies, psychology, literary studies as well as theoretical and empirical linguistics. Several texts focus significantly on selected aspects of human psyche verging on psychology and psychiatry. Wojciech Witkowski and Bożena Rozwadowska authored an innovative study in experimental linguistics and devoted to the analysis of psych-verbs defining the emotional state of the speakers. They argue for a necessary differentiation between psych-verbs and agentive verbs. Another interdisciplinary study that brings together linguistics and psychology, submitted by Marcin Walczyński, concerns the work of licensed translators and discusses seven psycho-affective factors accompanying work. In the field of literature and cultural studies, notably film studies, the volume contains a comprehensive, knowledgeable and fascinating study which concentrates on representations of the Alzheimer disease in a series of films. The article by Stefan Horlacher and Franziska Röber focuses primarily on the altering representation of the relationship between a male patient and his environment, which includes a potential positive re-evaluation of the condition. The article, located in masculinity studies, recognizes the transformative and therapeutic role of comedy. The remaining articles are transmedial, visuality and urbanity oriented studies.