Publikowanie w sieci jako reakcja odbiorcy na przekaz masowy w interakcji medialnej

Anna Granat
Google Scholar Anna Granat


The article demonstrates the mass media receiver, who interacts with media and after reading, listening or watching the content online reacts by web publishing. 
The article presents examples of such reactions in the form of texts, obtained as a result of expe-rimental research (hidden ethnographic participant observation, survey auto-ethnography, in-depth, standardized/structured individual interview), which subjects them to qualitative research. This rese-arch consists in the analysis of the content and its form by using methods dedicated to examine lingu-istic pragmatics and interactionism.
Therefore, it is assumed that the individual receiver participates in the media interaction, which I understand as the mutually indirect interaction of the sender and the receiver in media communica-tion process. The receiver’s reaction in this process may be, among others, online publishing, which is named as “surfer commentary”.

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