• Doświadczenie politycznej poprawności a grzeczność językowa

Doświadczenie politycznej poprawności a grzeczność językowa

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2082-8322.13.5
Dorota Garbicz-Stodolna
Google Scholar Dorota Garbicz-Stodolna


The aim of the article is to define the status of political correctness in the Polish language and its re-lationship with linguistic politeness. An important element is to describe the various approaches and attempts to define political correctness and to reflect on the ideologization of the studied phenomenon. The first step is to develop a theoretical basis, discussing the issue of linguistic politeness and political correctness. In the next part, both phenomena are confronted and their relationships are discussed via the example of the lexeme Murzyn (Black). The analysis of the problem showed the ideological entangle-ment of political correctness and a negative evaluation of this phenomenon, despite the assumptions convergent with linguistic politeness, which does not raise objections from language users.

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