Tożsamość i jej kreowanie w grach wideo. Przykład postaci LGBT

Hanna Kuliga
Google Scholar Hanna Kuliga


The presented article covers the subject of creating one’s identity in a virtual reality of video games, in the perspective of LGBT characters and their influence on the exploration of the sexual identity of a gamer. It describes the means by which the user has the ability to experiment with and express their identity, putting an emphasis on the role of immersion and cultural reflection in this process. The fol-lowing presented issues concern the representation of sexual minorities and negative phenomena that are present in the virtual space (such as queerbaiting), which have an impact on both the user, as well as the game industry. It emphasizes the role of the appearance of LGBT characters in this medium, which potentially can positively influence the player and producer communities. In this article I also describe three examples of non-heteronormative characters and their importance to users and developers of the given games.

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