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Dyskursy wykluczenia

Tom 14 (2020): Dyskursy wykluczenia

Grzeczność i arogancja jako strategie marketingowe w dyskursie publicznym

  • Anna M. Kiełbiewska
10 marca 2021


Although provocative messaging within advertisement content is often based on breaking social taboos and on shocking, it does not always have to be this way. Even superficial content analysis of contemporary marketing communication and observation of public discourse indicate that marketers are avoiding literality. These provocative messages are subtle, their authors are interpreting the conventionality, referring to language usus, cultural norms and morals codes, such as social etiquette. Consequently we receive messages full of wit, ironic or arrogant catchwords, offering an intellectual play with the recipients in such a sophisticated field as the code of good manners. Deepened content analysis and rhetorical analysis of the collected research material will prove that a wide and unconscious part of our social life is the code of good manners. It will also show how much marketing potential derives from our beliefs, reactions and aspirations about so-called good manners.