Tabloidyzacja mediów a jej korzenie we współczesnej filozofii i myśli politycznej

Łukasz Malina
Google Scholar Łukasz Malina


Tabloidisation of the media and its roots in modern philosophy and political thought


Utilitarianism, the philosophy of common sense propagated since the times of John Stuart Mill, is one of the arguments supporting tabloid media and their message which is focused on scandals, emotions and a simplified picture of the world. The author concentrates on the search for arguments that confirm the thesis that there is a need for tabloid media to exist. He looks for the reasons behind the tabloidisation of the media message in general and finds that the decline in the quality of mass media message is caused by the primitivism, vulgarisation and scandalisation of modern culture. The author concludes that the main reason of media tabloidisation is the pornographisation of media communication.

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