• Indymedia — model mediów społecznie zaangażowanych

Indymedia — model mediów społecznie zaangażowanych

Karolina Lachowska
Google Scholar Karolina Lachowska
Marcin Pielużek
Google Scholar Marcin Pielużek


Indymedia — a model of socially committed media


The model of alternative media presented in the paper illustrates a number of changes that have taken place in the sphere of media during the past few years. At the same it is an example of modern communication trends and innovations characteristic not only of subculture groups, but also of the entire web media space. By combining innovative communication solutions with the philosophy of radical social groups, Indymedia have created a communication and propaganda platform that counterbalances the traditional model of information flow, both in terms of the content and organisation. Leaving aside Indymedia’s ideological stance, their global success on the one hand serves as an example of active participation and media co-creation by non-professionals, and on the other, shows the possibility for creating media platforms alternative to the commercial media. Media products created in the web ecosystem of the media are often used by commercial media as sources of information.

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