Tom 5 (2014)

Kryzys ukraiński w rosyjskich mediach. Dziennikarstwo w warunkach wojny informacyjnej

Wojciech Sitarz

Strony: 69 - 81



The Ukrainian crisis in the Russian media. Journalism and information warfare

Drawing on an analysis of the contents of an NTV programme, the author of the article examines the methods of linguistic and non-verbal manipulation employed by the Russian media with regards to the events that began in November 2013 with the protests on the Kiev Maidan.
The information presented in the programme in question is extremely unilateral. The protesters are denied their right to express their views and are presented only as a dehumanised crowd seen through its brutal behaviour. At the same time there is no mention of the brutality of the law enforcement agencies that was one of the main threads in the Western media narratives. Opposition activists are portrayed as followers of orders issued by their Western patrons and as people who use politics to escape from their responsibility for their criminal and unethical activities. In addition, the simplification of axiology and identifi cation of the protesters with a compromised ideology make the presented version of events a version without an alternative.
The author notes that despite the apparent variety of broadcasters, we are, in fact, dealing with a limited pluralism in Russia, a situation that facilitates the use of propaganda mechanisms described with reference to the media in undemocratic countries.