Tom 5 (2014)

Nowe formy gatunków dziennikarskich w sieci. Przykład projektów „The New York Times”

Kamil Bałuk

Strony: 83 - 95



New forms of journalistic genres on the web. The New York Times example

The author of the article examines new forms of journalistic genres that have recently appeared on the Internet, using The New York Times website as an example. The medium in question is well-known all over the world owing to the number of its journalistic experiments when it comes to both genology and technology. Taking as his starting point the reasons behind such experiments — e.g. crisis of the printed press, falling circulation and development of the new media and their convergence — the author introduces a typology of new genre variations and subgenres, including hypertext-enhanced article, multimedia archive, interactive visuals as part of articles, interactive infographics as separate articles, collective memory map, character menu, character map, three-dimensional comparative map, webdoc, the so-called “Olympic symphony” or transformation of a journalistic piece into poetry. The analysis is based on the material published on Th e New York Times website in 2012–2014.