Tom 5 (2014)

Media regionalne w województwie śląskim

Paweł Gregorczyk

Strony: 97 - 131



Regional media in Silesian voivodeship

The article presents regional media landscape on Silesian media market. The main issue explored is the historical perspective of particular media development throughout the past decades. The publication’s objective is to present current situation of the oldest and most impactful regional media players in such areas as: press, radio, TV and Internet. Emphasizing the historical perspective enables readers to better understand the specific of Silesian media market, strategy of particular press titles and expectations of media consumers.
Worth emphasizing is the fact that regional media in Silesia have a very long tradition. The first press titles in that region were established in the 19th century and the first radio and TV stations were ones of the first ever set in Poland. The study conducted in this publication concerns not only the history of described media, but also its position and development possibilities in a national perspective.
Besides the traditional mass media the article describes also the historical perspective of regional websites and portals. However, taking under consideration all differences between new and traditional media, the analysis required a slightly modified approach in case of such aspects as: categorization of regional websites and other challenges facing media researchers.