Tom 5 (2014)

Ile kobiety w kobiecie — analiza wizerunku medialnego Hillary Rodham Clinton

Patrycja Obara

Strony: 249 - 260



How womanly can a woman be — analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s media image

The world of politics did not welcome women until quite recently. Yet, the situation has changed and there are more and more star women among American politicians. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the former First Lady and the 67th United States Secretary of State serving in the administration of President Barack Obama, definitely is one of them.
The major role that Ann Romney played in the 2012 presidential campaign proves how important a factor of political success in the USA are politicians’ wives. They are the key “tool” used for improving their public image. Moreover, it is not too uncommon that a politician’s wife is one of the main contributors to her husband’s victory. But are female politicians also expected to do their own laundry and iron their own shirts, just like Mitt Romney did?
The aim of the author of this article is to analyze the image of Hillary Rodham Clinton in American media and to try to answer the question, whether the 67th United States Secretary of State owes her unprecedented success to manifesting traditionally male traits or maybe she has become successful as a woman.