Poetyka reklamy wiodącej

Mariusz Wszołek
Google Scholar Mariusz Wszołek


The poetics of lead advertising

The article contains a review of traditional typology of advertising in the context of linguistics, economy and sociology. The aim of the main part of the article is to highlight the lead advertising concept. Lead advertising is a unique practice of communication design which uses fluctuations in a social system. An aspect of key importance for this project are communicative offers maintained in advertising communication. Here, I aim at verifying lead advertising which organises the advertising communication space in the context of the proposed subject of study and is responsible for producing the world of experiencing a brand, organisation or product to a significant degree. In the end I suggest a new typology of lead advertising. In this context, I distinguish six types of advertising, namely: image advertising, reality show, storytelling, hidden advertising, mirror advertising and subversive advertising.

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