• Komunikacja międzypokoleniowa w  polskiej kulturze. Wyniki badań empirycznych

Komunikacja międzypokoleniowa w  polskiej kulturze. Wyniki badań empirycznych

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2082-8322.8.3
Patrycja Kochanek
Google Scholar Patrycja Kochanek


Intergenerational communication in Polish culture

The object of this paper is to verify the structure of communication in cultural discourse in Poland. It is analyzed if this discourse sees differences between the next generations and if it personalizes communication for them. Pilot research CAWI was done in May 2017. Twenty one responders answered 7 opened and 5 closed questions in an online survey. All of the responders were working in cultural institutions. The categorization of the answers gave an image of the social groups that have some specific and unique characteristics and values. The quantitative analysis of the answers verified the hypotheses: cultural discourse creates communication according to the audience — which is generation specific. Cultural institutions see this generation problem in Poland and they attribute this change to the activities that have been created for people. This research is only an opening to further investigations on this topic.

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