Dynamika transformacji systemowej w Polsce

Tom 16 (2008)

Działalność maklerska firm inwestycyjnych w Polsce

Urszula Banaszczak-Soroka

Strony: 131 - 142



Activity of stock broker firms in Poland


Every licensed subject in the field of stockbroker’s services is able to provide services form stockbroker’s services catalogue in every single EU country. It is known as uniform passport rule, which helps in accreditation of foreign investment companies on Polish stock market GPW. There are a few such companies. Activity of Polish stockbroker’s business in that field is currently low. Only two Stockbroker’s companies CDM Pekao SA and DB Securities are active on Budapest Stock Exchange. Stronger competition, not only in classical aspect, is a consequence of free access to EU market. The competition is hard for to classical brokers in the net. Nowadays, becoming a client of a foreign broker is very easy and it is possible in only a few days.