Restrukturyzacja gospodarki — aspekty finansowe i prawne

Tom 18 (2010)

Przemiany systemowe gospodarki Polski i ich znaczenie w podnoszeniu poziomu międzynarodowej konkurencyjności

Magdalena Raftowicz-Filipkiewicz

Strony: 217 - 228



The systemic transformation of the Polish economy and its importance in the enhancing of the international competitiveness

The systemic transformation was the first and essential step towards improving the competitive position of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe. However, the differences in the level
of competitiveness from the countries of Western Europe are still enormous, which means that the post-communist countries have significant problems about building long-term competitive potential. The Polish economy two decades after the transformation systematically improving its competitiveness, but to intensify the efforts to further improve this level, it is necessary to transform our economy into a knowledge-based economy, generate the national specialties or care about the image and national brand.