Restrukturyzacja gospodarki — aspekty finansowe i prawne

Tom 18 (2010)

Wpływ globalnego kryzysu finansowego pierwszej dekady XXI w. na sytuację finansową domów i biur maklerskich w Polsce

Urszula Banaszczak-Soroka

Strony: 247 - 262



Influence of global financial crisis of first decade of XXI century on financial status of brokerage houses and offices in Poland

Among the capital market institutions very important role is played by subjects offering brokerage services. They are agents in deals which are made on stock exchanges. This function is the source of many duties for brokerage offices. Security of brokerage branch activity strongly influences stability of whole capital market, both in periods of slup and bull market. One of the factors in brokerage branch evaluation is its financial situation measured with income and elements which are creating this income outcome of brokerage, capital and investment activity. Experience of Polish market shows that not always brokerage activity has biggest share in the structure of whole outcome. Contrary it could be its little part what happened during 2007 slump. This fact can be disturbing regarding that MFID directive puts on brokerage branch many financial restrictions which limits income from capital and investment activity.