• Aktywność fizyczna determinantą zdrowia populacji

Aktywność fizyczna determinantą zdrowia populacji

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2084-4093.23.4.24
Paulina Ucieklak-Jeż
Google Scholar Paulina Ucieklak-Jeż
Agnieszka Bem
Google Scholar Agnieszka Bem

Ekonomia Tom 23 Nr 4 (2017)

Strony od 305 do 318


Physical activity as a determinant of population’s hea lth status

In this paper we verified and analysed the relationship between: 1 cycling in minutes and doing another sports, in a typical week, and social determinants of health; 2 moving on foot in public space and social determinants of health; 3 physical activity associated with the performance of work and the social determinants of health; 4 physical activity and health assessment, long-term health problems, diseases and chronic ailments, and athleticism. We constructed three research hypotheses: H1 residents of densely populated areas large cities are physically active; H2 the longer the time average intensity of physical activity, the healthier the population; H3 the healthiest group are people physically active. The first hypothesis was positively verified — inhabitants of large cities often spend a lot of time at work, are stressed and need some physical activity. The second hypothesis was confirmed only partially: Chi square = 1692,469; Yul φ = 0,322; Q-Kendalla = 0,297 indicate that there is a statistically significant relationship between the amount of time spent on sports and health. The longer time spent on sport, the better health. The third hypothesis was also confirmed — active physical enjoy better health.

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