Rozprawy i szkice

Tom 14 (2020)

Prasa polska okresu dwudziestolecia międzywojennego o turystyce masowej

Strony: 223-238



The author of the article seeks to examine accounts published in selected tourist and satirical magazines in the Second Polish Republic in 1918–1939 and addressed to a wide readership. She has selected titles published in big cities — Warsaw and Kraków — because their big-city nature implied the way in which the subject matter in question was presented. The analysed periodicals are: the Warsaw Turysta (1927–1928) and Wiadomości Turystyczne (1931–1939); the Warsaw-Kraków Turysta w Polsce (1934, 1935–1938) and the satirical magazine Wróble na Dachu published in Kraków and Warsaw in 1930–1939. The author has carried out a qualitative analysis, using the tools of literature and press studies, and has identified journalistic strategies employed to popularise mass tourism in the mountains.