Tom 20 (2014)

Oswajanie „ideologii” gender. O nienormatywnych wzorcach społecznych we współczesnej literaturze popularnej

Dariusz Piechota

Strony: 143 - 154



Taming Gender “Ideology”. The Non-normative Social Patterns in the Contemporary Popular Literature

This article is devoted to analysing and interpreting different non-normative social patterns in the contemporary popular literature. According to gender studies, people who are homosexual are treated as Others, which has negative connotations. Polish literature often uses the we–they opposition. “We” are heterosexual, “they” are homosexual. It is worth mentioning that in the past gay and lesbian’s lives were considered ataboo. Contemporary writers, who are against patriarchal world order, try to accustom readers with Otherness. The protagonists, who are gays, are perceived as empathetic towards the whole society. Contemporary literature redefines the social patterns of life. A new, multicultural society should be tolerant towards Otherness. Miller, Witkowski, Karpowicz present amodern biography of outsiders who break stereotypes. Polish society, which is involved in the process of gay, lesbian emancipation, is forced to search for anew subject conception, based on diversity. Taming all fears in society through contemporary literature may change our attitude towards the Otherness.