Tom 21 (2015)

Seks, zbrodnie i seriale telewizyjne. Erotyka w produkcjach sensacyjno-kryminalnych Telewizji Polskiej w latach 1976–1989

Strony: 97 - 112



Sex, Crimes and TV Series. Erotic Motifs in Polish Crime Television Series 1976–1989

The article focuses on abroad topic of erotic motifs in Polish crime television series 1976–1989: 07 zgłoś się K. Szmagier, A.J. Piotrowski, K. Tarnas, 1976–1987, Życie na gorąco A. Konic, 1978, Zdaniem obrony J. Matula, W. Strzemżalski, L. Staroń, 1984–1987, Kryptonim „Turyści” J. Obłamski, 1986, Akwen Eldorado A. Swat, 1988. The author approaches this topic from two complementary perspectives: the one of cultural history and the one of film studies, especially film genre studies. Thanks to that the article shows erotic motifs in TV series on two different levels: 1 the functions of sex and carnality in analyzed films; 2 and the evolution of showing and using erotic motifs in Polish television and crime series. On both of those levels erotic motifs are connected with transformations of national culture, policy and society.