• Dziwność istnienia. O nurcie „bizarro fiction” w polskiej literaturze

Dziwność istnienia. O nurcie „bizarro fiction” w polskiej literaturze

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/0867-7441.22.4
Adam Mazurkiewicz
Google Scholar Adam Mazurkiewicz


Strangeness of Being. On a Current of Bizarro Fiction in Polish Literature

In modern culture bizarro fiction is an individual current of horror fantasy. It is distinguished by intentionally iconoclastic character of its artistic visions. To the axiological glittering of bizarro fiction undoubtedly contributes placing of this phenomenon somewhere between the pop culture it is inspired by typical for the kind usage of props and the fiction schema, independent culture overcoming the cultural and social taboo and avant-garde from whom it takes the idea of artistic experiment. Because creators of this phenomenon often use the technique of artistic excess the viewer cannot be sure if — searching for latent sense — they are not the victim of provocation; on the other hand, scandal and buffoonery may constitute amask which enables touching culturally important problems.

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