Tom 23 (2017)

Kryminał(ki) dla najmłodszych. O nurcie polskiej literatury kryminalnej adresowanej do dziecięco-młodzieżowego czytelnika po roku 1989. Rekonesans

Strony: 121 - 134



Crime stories for the youngest. About the current of Polish crime novels addressed to children and teenagers after 1989: Reconnaissance

Literature intended for children and teenagers has got a  specific character because of the specificity of the reader. What attracts our attention is first of all the didactic level of texts addressed to young concerning both age and literary knowledge readers and the instrumentalism, understood as a  flow of particular information which aim is exerting a pedagogical influence. Therefore, the criminal intrigue is not in the centre of reader’s attention. It does, however, play an important role as the  fiction mode, which enables genealogical instantiation of a  particular text. This property draws  the crime story for children and teenagers near to the novel of manner which is addressed to the juvenile reader; in this novel, the central theme point remains the closest setting of a  protagonist, who is modelled on the assumed reader and his or her relationship with surroundings. The criminal thread is then fulfilling a  function of a  background which allows boosting the plot of the novel. However, reading texts for children and teenagers can be treated as an introduction to adult-oriented novels, especially when the reader has an opportunity to solve the mystery together with protagonists and outrun them in uncloaking the killer.