• Wolność w horyzoncie posttotalitarnym

Wolność w horyzoncie posttotalitarnym

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2353-8546.8.1
Agnieszka Matusiak
Google Scholar Agnieszka Matusiak
Andrzej Polak
Google Scholar Andrzej Polak
Monika Wolting
Google Scholar Monika Wolting


The authors of this sketch are drawing a panorama of the potential interpretational aspects of understanding the category of freedom in the societies of the post-communist part of Europe. At the same time, they attempt to define the horizon for finding the answer to the identity-forming question that is key for this georegion, i.e. about the essence and the specificity of processes, phenomena and mechanisms of emancipation of culture and societies of post-totalitarian European countries from the legacy of World War II, and particularly its post-Yalta consequences which embedded the countries and nations of Central, East and South-East Europe in the sphere of imperial subordination of Soviet dominance for nearly another half a century.

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