Філософія поетичної мови Ліни Костенко




Słowa kluczowe:

philosophy of language, language creation, preverbal thinking, intellectual and emotional experience, aesthetics of words, aphorisms


The article reveals the meaning of the concept “philosophy of Lina Kostenko’s language,” characterizes the features of individual style as a way of poet’s creative thinking. Lexical-semantic and textual analysis of the defining token “word” is carried out, its semantically attractive connections with the tokens “soul” and “thought” are revealed. Expressive means of transmitting a person’s preverbal emotional state have been recorded. The semantics of the concept of “time,” available in different linguistic and structural units of the text, is traced. Cognitive-linguistic, structural and linguistic analysis of Lina Kostenko’s aphorisms is a testimony to her creative innovation in the formation of aesthetic treasures of the Ukrainian literary word from the second half of the 20th to the beginning of the 21st century — a cultural code of the nation, which organically combines historical sources of language, connections with the Ukrainian classic poetic texts and reflection of modern life of the Ukrainian language.