Szaleństwem jest marzyć o społeczeństwie szczęśliwym… „Записки українського самашедшого” Liny Kostenko i „W roku 2000. (Z przeszłości 2000–1887)” Edwarda Bellamy’ego



Słowa kluczowe:

Ukrainian literature, Lina Kostenko, Edward Bellamy, novel, society


The article reflects on dreams about social life, disappointments and finally the belief in breakthrough moments. Two novels, Zapysky ukrainskoho samashedshoho by Lina Kostenko and Looking Backward: 2000–1887 by Edward Bellamy were used as research material. I based my analysis on the sociological concepts of the lifeworld and the theory of transformative learning. I showed that the subject of both novels was not only the critique of contemporary society and political life, but, most of all, the weakness of interpersonal relations. Thus, both of these novels not only are narratives about a specific social, political or ideological situation, but also acquire a universal dimension.