Кінематографічне вилюднення як різновид культурного імперіялізму


  • Yuri I. Shevchuk



Słowa kluczowe:

cinematic depopulation, cultural imperialism, hybrid war, Ukrainian film, Russian film


The article analyzes a specific strategy of appropriation of the colonized by the colonizer widely used in the Soviet and post-Soviet cinema made in Ukraine and Russia and, until now, never discussed in Ukrainian film studies. The cinematic depopulation is a particular mode of filmic representation whereby a given ethnoscape (Ukraine) is cleansed of the national community (Ukrainians) which has always considered it its ancestral homeland, and instead is populated by the colonizer (Russian characters) as if it were an integral part of their historical territory. As a form of Russian cultural imperialism, this strategy continues to be widely used in both Ukrainian and Russian film production today to promote the idea of Ukraine that is conceivable outside of and without the Ukrainian language, culture, and other traditional attributes of Ukrainian national identity.