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Słowa kluczowe:

confession, memory, comparative discourse, autobiographical creativity, poetry, prose


The author analyzes the poetic and prose works of Natalia Zamulko-Dubushe (1948–2020). The Ukrainian emigrant writer, who has lived and worked in France since 1989, is the author of the Ukrainian-language poetry collection Storks of the Native Land (2004), prose books Alien Nation (2012), Rain Border (2018), and others. The aim of the article is to analyze the confessional beginning of Natalia Zamulko-Dubushe’s works. In order to comprehend the weight of the author’s personal experience in the poetic and prose narration, Valentyna Sobol compares the defining motives of the poetic and prose works of the writer. As a result of a comparative reading, the researcher draws a conclusion about the dominance of the autobiographical discourse of the entire creative work of the writer. It is shown how the motives of her poems resonate differently in prose each time. In fact, memory is the driving force in all emigration works. Returning mentally to her Ukrainian roots, the writer at the same time exposed herself as a person of the world.