Literatura, tożsamość i historia. Szkic o twórczości Liny Kostenko



Słowa kluczowe:

Lina Kostenko, shistdesiatnyky, Ukrainian poetry of the 1960s, Chernobyl in literature, Ukrainian prose in 2010, Ukrainian identity in contemporary literature


The article concerns famous Ukrainian female poet, literary critic and writer Lina Kostenko (born 1930). It is a synthetic approach, which presents the important position of Kosteno in the life of Ukrainian literature and culture as well as politic life over the past 60 years as: 1. author of revealing lyrics and poems; 2. author of high-profile journalism on current topics, especially those related to the Chernobyl tragedy; 3. participant of the dissident movement in Ukraine; 4. author of the famous novel depicting the Ukrainian intelligentsia on the eve of the Orange Revolution of 2004 – Zapysky ukrajinskogo samashedshogo (2010); 5. a moral authority speaking on matters important for Ukrainian identity and historical heritage.