Persiflages van “Jiskefet” als lesondersteuning

Bas Hamers
Google Scholar Bas Hamers


The satirical television series Jiskefet ran from 1990 to 2005 at the VPRO channel. While the popular satirical television series Kooten & De Bie focused more on political parody, Jiskefet was more absurdist and mainly made parodies of certain subcultures. In this article, I want to look at how these timeless parodies can be used as course materials. Not only is Jiskefet itself part of Dutch culture, but the parodies also magnify typical Dutch cultural elements. Examples include student associations, the culture of voluntary work, nursing homes that often appear in the news, and the office culture with the inevitable lunch box and office humor. Furthermore, the parodies constitute interesting linguistic material in the form of neologisms, which have enriched the Dutch language and will also be discussed here. Finally, the fact that stereotypes and prejudices are used in parodies offers the possibility of discussing the subject with students.

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