Kultura i praktyka

Tom 12 (2011)

Przekroczyć esencjalizm. Zwrot ku antropologii przedtekstowej i fenomenologicznej

Tomasz Rakowski

Strony: 191 - 199



Beyond essentialism. Turning towards pre-textual and phenomenological anthropology


The article points to the need for transforming the notion of culture in a way that would make it more commensurate with research carried out in today’s globalising world. I believe that culture should be understood in a more functional manner, more connected with everyday practices. In this context I point to the possibility of revealing the potential of pre-textual and phenomenological ethnography. In this I draw on the phenomenological procedures of studying culture through reinterpretations, e.g. on C. Geertz’s concept of dense description and its philosophical background contained in P. Ricoeur’s works. In addition, I point to the possibility of developing anthropological interpretation not so much as text hermeneutics as action hermeneutics that uses, first of all, the procedures of direct and embodied understanding of social actions.