Kult ― przestrzeń ― pamięć

Tom 12 (2011)

Pamięć jako praktyka. Fotografia i troska o wspomnienia

Strony: 263 - 271



Memory as practice. Photography and concern for memories


Convinced that one of the most constitutive properties of photography is making manifest what is absent and not directly visible, the author reflects on the relations between photographic images and memory. He is, however, interested not so much in individual memory as in its collective or cultural dimension. He tries to explain what such forms of memory are, asking who wants to remember what or who wants us to remember what. At the same time, the author wants to establish how historical representations of the past are shaped on the level of image and what types of making the past manifest are the most significant when it comes to forming the memory. He takes the example of Wrocław and its residents to illustrate his argument.