Zwierzę — granica kultury?

Tom 14 Nr 2 (2012)

Chlévská lyrika. Umění jako návod k proměně vnímání

Jiři Siostrzonek
Jindřich Štreit

Strony: 13 - 21


The lyric of the pigsty. Art as a way of transforming experience

The album entitled The Lyric of the Pigsty How Animals Depart Our World presents the world of humans and animals, their lesser brothers, as well as the links between humans in state of nature and landscape in the late 20th century Czech countryside. Warmth, full understanding, perverse distance but also humour are all qualities that can be associated with the photographs taken by Jindřich Štreit, one of the greatest Czech photographers-documentarians of international renown. The selection of photographs is complemented by insightful commentary provided by Jiří Siostrzonek, a sociologist of culture and visuality from the Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava, who analyses the mutual relations between animals and humans in the Czech everyday reality of those days from the point of view of a scholar. Siostrzonek regards photography as the basic source for studying and describing culture; he collaborates with Štreit on a regular basis.