Ciało między naturą a kulturą

Tom 14 Nr 2 (2012)

Czy potrzebujemy ontologicznej refleksji nad ciałem?

Marcin Maria Bogusławski

Strony: 55 - 68



Do we need ontological reflection on the body?

“The body expresses the ambiguity of human being, as both subjective sensibility that experiences the world and as an object perceived in that world” R. Shusterman. This dichotomy translates into how we conceptualise the body. On the one hand, the body is defined in a naturalistic way through biology, linguistics, naturalistically oriented philosophy and sociology. On the other hand, it is described in a culturalist manner, through the queer theory, gender studies or post-modern aesthetic concepts. Both approaches compete with each other to win the title of the fundamental or primary approach. But this seems to be a futile dispute, as the division into nature and culture and the related discourse strategies of naturalism versus culturalism increasingly turns out to be a product of the modern scientific practice which can be questioned. In this perspective, it seems necessary to find a new way of conceptualising the body. In my opinion, this has to be an ontological reflection that makes it possible to treat the naturalistic and culturalist discourses as ontic ones.