Ciało między naturą a kulturą

Tom 14 Nr 2 (2012)

Bio-art — the Transaesthetics of Bios

Volodymyr Bodnar
Anastasia Nechyporenko

Strony: 87 - 95



Bio-art — the Transaesthetics of Bios

Today, the synthesis of scientific and technological progress achievements and aesthetic consciousness make it possible to speak about the bio-art phenomenon. Contemporary artists working in this field use aesthetic categories to explain/describe the nature of life, at the same time applying biological knowledge, materials and high technologies to art making. Since we are speaking about life as the bios, it would be appropriate to discuss bioaesthetics as the paradigm of beauty and discuss its rules, conventions and norms in living nature in the context of understanding a human being as a part of bios. The development of interdisciplinary scientific dialogue, extension of human mind map, establishment of nonlinear thinking, technology evolution as well as bioethical reflection — all these factors contribute to the transformation from the mosaic of postmodernism to the integral conception of the world. Having dealt with a vast number of bio-art manifestations, we have developed a convenient classification of bio-art with regard to perception channels and cognitive levels: visual and auditory, through literature and performance on the one hand and sensorimotor, mental and spiritual on the other. Thus, our work lies within the paradigm of anthropological, psychological and semiotic research on the range of problems of human dimension and the philosophical sentences in the eternal search for the answer to the question — “Where is the beginning and the end of humanity?”