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Tom 20 (2016)

Zużyta kategoria uczestnictwa? Między polską tradycją humanistyczną a perspektywą performatywną

Magdalena Matysek-Imielińska

Strony: 85 - 104



A Worn-out Category of Participation? Between Polish Humanistic Tradition and a Performative Perspective

In the field of Polish humanist studies, the category of “participation in culture” has been broadly examined. Nowadays there are more frequent voices announcing “the end of participation culture”, and that it is ahighly exploited research category. Instead, the academics underline the dynamic character of changes in modern culture and the necessity to attract attention to its “active” aspect, underlining the self-agency of subjects. Thus in the area of culture studies, we observe an interest in performative perspective.
In Polish humanist studies Isearch for such participation concepts, which go beyond the field related to arts establishing relation work of art — recipient and activist engagement indicating f.i. resistance, or social movements. Iam particularly interested in theoretical proposals, related to the category of everyday life, social and cultural practices, or even the category of praxis. While recalling this category Iinquire, whether performative perspective can be inspiring and helpful for redefining and modernizing the category of participation in culture.