W poprzek zwrotów

Tom 20 (2016)

Ekonomia daru, estetyka sztuczek, etyka uporu. Praktyki życia codziennego według Michela de Certeau

Magdalena Pancewicz-Puchalska

Strony: 105 - 117



Economy of the Gift, Esthetics of Tricks, Ethics of Tenacity. Michel de Certeau’s on the Practices of Everyday Life

The author deals with the notion of practice in Michel de Certeau’s The practice of everyday life. The French philosopher — distancing himself from Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of habitus and Michel Foucault’s theory of subject and power — builds his own which is appealing but somehow elusive understanding of practice as the activity of making our lives livable within the constraints of social structures and cultural rules. She analyses his distinction between strategies and tactics and invites the reader to try out the perspective on popular culture as aspace of invention, economy of gift and ethics of stubbornness rather than resistance and finally to take astep back and rethink its usefulness for social and cultural sciences and lastly it’s sense for our existence.