Praktyki uczestnictwa

Tom 20 (2016)

„Nie tańczysz sama przed lustrem. Oni na ciebie patrzą!”. Taniec brzucha jako afektywna strategia uczestnictwa w kulturze w filmie „Czerwony jedwab”

Strony: 143 - 153



“You’re not dancing alone in front of the mirror. They are looking at you!” Belly Dance as an Affective Strategy of Participation in Culture in Satin Rouge

The article analyses the film portraits of women performing belly dancing Satin Rouge, 2002 Raja Amari. The film tells the story of awoman who after the death of her husband indulges in entertainment rather unsuitable for aGod-fearing Arab woman: belly dance in aTunis nightclub. The article focuses on dance as an affective strategy of participation in culture. Belly dance understood as aconscious work on one self and abody allows women to express their subjectivity and feel like an individual entity. Female dancing body has the power to affect — the ability to influence other bodies and to express oneself — and thus may create room for negotiation within the hegemonic discourse of men’s power over women in the Arab world.