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Tom 42 (2022): Film japoński

Problematyka antropologiczna w filmie „Pornograf” Imamury Shōheia

  • Szymon Szeszuła
1 sierpnia 2022


This article is an attempt to use the category of transgression to interpret a film by Imamura Shōhei — The Pornographers (Erogotoshi-tachi yori: Jinruigaku nyūmon, 1966). The purpose of my analysis is to present the intellectual connections between the cinema of the Japanese director and Georges Bataille’s philosophy of transgression. My article is divided into three sections. In the first one, I try to answer the question of precisely what transgression is. Then I give a brief overview of the anthropological issues in the cinema of Imamura Shōhei. The third section is dedicated to the interpretation of The Pornographers, which is focused on problems connected with the consequences of breaking a taboo. The interpretation of The Pornographers was carried out by the use of philosophical and anthropological contexts.