• Przemijanie świata Aleksandra Sokurowa

Przemijanie świata Aleksandra Sokurowa

Rafał Syska
Google Scholar Rafał Syska



The author of this article concentrates his attention on the films directed by Alexandr Sokurov, a distinguished contemporary Russian filmmaker. Syska describes the political and aesthetical background of Sokurov’s works, underlying their key motifs: melancholy, nostalgia, reminiscences, decay of physical world, memories and time. The author mentions autobiographical components of Sokurov’s screenplays, describes his childhood defined by eternal displacement of his family, as well as the adultness — with political troubles caused by anti-communism attitude and close friendship with Tarkovsky. Syska analyzes the literary context of Sokurov’s films, cultural paradigm, religious character of film narration and theme of carnal sacrifice. All of them allow him to describe the human as someone who is deeply devoted to the internal world of memories, nostalgia, passing time and intimate relationship with dying parents.

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