• Recenzja: Tropienie świata, czyli "Obok kanonu" Andrzeja Gwoździa

Recenzja: Tropienie świata, czyli "Obok kanonu" Andrzeja Gwoździa

Tomasz Małyszek
Google Scholar Tomasz Małyszek



The review concerns the book of Andrzej Gwóźdź Obok kanonu. Tropami kina niemieckiego. The author of the reviewed monograph shows selected situations and themes from different movies. He looks also at the earliest history of the German cinema. Gwóźdź describes the works of such wellknown film directors as Leni Riefenstahl or Rainer Fassbinder. The reviewer assesses the author’s idea of three parts of the book as logical and correct. It helps the reader to analyse and understand the poetics of the cinema and its dependence on the culture or the whole social situation. Gwóźdź shows the cinema as a symbolic system and its function in different moments of the German history. His analysis is well thought out and synthetic. The reviewer proves the ability of A. Gwóźdź to create such a lucid structure of his monograph that the reader can easily find the main sense of the film position in the context of other arts music, architecture and the modern life.

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