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Michał Wolski
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New Adventure Cinema is a collection of essays and lexicon of films often described as New Adventure. For many years New Adventure movies have been determining the current progress of American but not only cinematography. The term ‘New Adventure’ was coined by a Polish film critic, Jerzy Płażewski, in 1986 and since then it has been the most popular designation of modern Hollywood adventure films, as says Jerzy Szyłak — main editor of the reviewed collection. Collection — as said — contains seven essays about various aspects of this branch of Hollywood but not only productions. Jerzy Szyłak in his opening essay reviews connected with film genetics and historical limitations of New Adventure genre. Next, Katarzyna Kaczor focuses on elements of fantasy in this kind of movies. Tomasz Pstrągowski shows similarities and connections between New Adventure films and video games, especially when those media intermingle with each other. In the next essay, Marcin Adamczak shows — often ignored — business aspects of Hollywood entertaining industry. On the other hand, Sebastian Jakub Konefał focuses on religion and mystical topics of New Adventure films, and Paweł Sitkiewicz shows correlations between this branch of movies and animation. Finally, Krzysztof Kornacki shows how New Adventure cinema inspired Polish filmmakers and what becomes of it. The second part of the collections contains vast lexicon of New Cinema movies, all of them critically reviewed and commented.

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