Tom 40 Nr 2 (2018)

Rolf-Heinz Höppner — niemiecki zbrodniarz z Kraju Warty

Bogumił Rudawski

Strony: 59 - 78



Rolf-Heinz Höppner was a German official and a member of young Nazi intellectuals and experts, who created the population and national policy. During the German occupation in Poland he was a head of Security Service of SS in Poznań. He headed also another institution. The position that he held gave him a real impact on the policies pursued against the population in the occupied territories. His activities included: gathering information on the moods of the people of the Wartegau, organizing the expulsions of Poles and Jews to the General Government and conducting germanization policy against the Poles. He is best known, however, as the author of a note to Adolf Eichmann from 1941, in which he described the possible ways of using and exterminating the Jewish population.
This article is an attempt at a biographical description of Höppner’s activities. First, the stages of political socialization and the first political experiences of German are described. The second and largest part of the text is the characteristics of his activity in the Wartegau. Than are presented his post-war fates and attempts — taken by the Polish and German jurisdiction — to judge and punish Höppner for the committed crimes.