• Skutki ideologizacji preambuły kodeksu pracy

Skutki ideologizacji preambuły kodeksu pracy

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19195/2300-7249.43.4.8
Piotr Kapusta
Google Scholar Piotr Kapusta


The post-totalitarian authoritarianism of the Polish People’s Republic of 1956–1989 was based on, among others, indoctrination. It was carried out not only through the media and the education system. The law also served this purpose. The adoption of the Labour Code provided the basis for using the educational function of the preamble to shape and consolidate politically desirable patterns of behaviour in socialist labour relations. The content of the Preamble to the Labour Code not only reflected the goals set by the legislator of the adopted legal regulation, but, being saturated with ideological issues, it set the directions for adopting and applying labour law provisions and defined the desired behaviour patterns. Due to the content of individual editorial units, the Preamble to the Labour Code was not only of legal importance, but also some parts of it were normative.

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