Tom 43 Nr 4 (2021)

Działalność badawczo-dokumentacyjna Okręgowej Komisji Badania Zbrodni Hitlerowskich we Wrocławiu (1965–1975)

Strony: 303-311



The article concerns issues related to the functioning of the Research and Documentation Team, one of several teams operating within the District Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes in Wrocław. The initial turning point is the reactivation of the District Commission in Wrocław, and the final — changes in its organizational structure. Apart from scientific studies, the text is based on the available archival materials collected at the Institute of National Remembrance. The article proves that the activity of the District Commission in Wrocław was not limited only to investigations and explanatory proceedings. It also conducted vital research and documentation activities. For this purpose, cooperation with the research centre of the University of Wrocław conducting research on fascism and Nazi crimes in Lower Silesia was established. The cooperation resulted in numerous opinions and academic papers on the research areas specified in the cooperation agreement, as well as scientific conferences.