Tom 16 Nr 3 (2021)

Struktura rewolucji relatywistycznej i kwantowej w fizyce, czyli o systematyczności badań naukowych i roli kantyzmu we współczesnej filozofii nauki

Strony: 51-58



The article is a voice in the discussion on Wojciech Sady’s book Struktura rewolucji relatywistycznej i kwantowej w fizyce [The Structure of Relativistic and Quantum Revolution in Physics]. The author points out that the central idea of this book directly refers to the works of Thomas Kuhn, who emphasized the role of revolutions in the process of scientific development. Sady criticizes this position, claiming that the development of science is primarily determined by systematic research. The author also argues with Sady’s thesis that an important consequence of the relativistic and quantum revolution in physics is the fundamental questioning of the value of Kant’s philosophy. The text tries to show that Kantism is still present in contemporary philosophy of science.